Saturday, July 30, 2011

Did we have to leave?

I'm not sure I was ready to leave but our week in the sunshine state has come to an end and this time I can't say I am going back in a few weeks.  We had a great time despite all the thunderstorms that took 3, yes, 3 days from the beach and soaking up some rays, but don't worry I spent them doing a little retail therapy! 

To recap our week (I took WAY to many pictures!!!) I will start with the house we stayed in, it was nice!  It was in a little community right on the beach and our walk to the water was just a block!  When we got there on Saturday, we took Lola to see the water and she loved it WAY more this time than the last!! Excuse her hair, she had been sitting in the car all day and it was WILD!

That night we hit the pool! Lola loved the water!
Sunday we hit the beach early in the morning and had a great day!  The water was pretty and the weather was great!  Lola had a great time playing in the water and making sand castles!

That evening we went to The Back Porch for dinner! I thought it would be neat to take a picture in this chair every time we come and see how much she changes and grows!

Lola and cousin Logan with Poppa and Nana
Then Aunt Katelyn took Lola out to play on the playground!  By the picture you can see how much she loved the slide!!!

And she didn't want to leave!  I can't blame her either!
Monday we hit the beach again (I guess I left my camera at the house) and then that evening we had family pictures made.  I don't want to hurt my in-laws feelings but there were no good pictures of us.  My hair was NASTY and they were just terrible. I had told Ryan I thought we would go back out another day and take some and we did!!!  Those turned out much better but here is Lola in her pretty white dress! Believe it or not this was better than the ones the photographer took.
Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday it rained so we went shopping!
On Wednesday I wanted to go back to the outlet mall but Lola wasn't having it. We took her to Chick Fli A and we enjoyed some chicken and play time!

That evening it cleared up a little so we hit dinner out on the beach!  Lola was being silly!

Thursday it was raining a little but we hit the beach for a little bit!
Who could resist this cute little booty with a ruffle??
She was ready to PLAY!

I caught this moment and just thought it was so cute!  She loves her daddy!
She wanted to sleep in the big girl bed and she did really well!  I guess this is a good sign to start looking for a new bed!
Thursday night we went out and re took family pictures!

Outfit change for Lola so she could match her cousin!
Then we were back at taking photos!

My mom smocked this beautiful dress and I am in LOVE with how it turned out!

One silly girl on our hands!
Lola was in the best of moods all week!  I was so pleased and she had a great time!  Thank you in-laws for the great vacation!

Our last day we spent on the beach!  It was beautiful!  The sun was awesome!

Our last night we ate at AJ's and it was yummy!! Lola was again in a great mood so everyone was eating her up!  After dinner we went and walked down the Harborwalk and Lola wasn't ready to leave!  I had to bribe her!

We topped off the end of the week with the best night of fun!  I think I need to go to Florida every 3 months! ha I am sure Ryan will fall for that one don't you think?! Now back to the small town living and planning for a birthday party! (ps if you made it this far...Sorry for all the pictures!)


Susan said...

pictures are my fave! y'all are precious!

amywelborn said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Lola is a doll! You dress her so stinkin cute!! That dress your mom smocked is beautiful!!!!

Rochelle said...

Looks like a great vacation, love the family beach pics (and of course the dress your mom made! Adorable!)

BrookeSFuller said...

Awww Sara! Lola is so precious!! It looks like you had a blast! :)