Monday, June 27, 2011

Greetings from Florida! Day 1

Hello from Florida! We are having a blast and enjoying the sun! We have not done much but sit by the pool (it is literally right off our deck) and eat! I think I could be as big as a cow by the time I return home! Lola hasn't been all that well. We left Arkansas with an ear infection and I am not thinking it is healing well. Thankfully I brought the medicine so we are hoping it will help!!!! 

We flew to Florida and it was the best thing EVER! We will be flying when we go again in July!!!Here is Lola loving the plane!

Sitting by the pool side!  Fun Fun!!
Later that evening, I took Lola to the beach.  She wasn't so sure about the sand or the water. She actually screamed and hung on to us for dear life! ha

I sat her down and she didn't know what to think about the sand on her feet! 

We are here with my family!  My sister and niece came too!  Hannah and Lola giving kisses! 
Here are a few from the nightly photo shoot!  Lola just isn't sure about the sand.  She is a very cautious child.  I love that she is particular and examines her surroundings but man just for the first 5 minutes and then I would like for her to get down and try things!!!  I am working on her!

I then put her bathing suit on her and took her back to the beach hoping she would try the water but she wasn't having it... BUT she did get a little more comfortable with the sand on her feet!

We had a great Sunday and a great day today!


Rochelle said...

Looks like so much fun. Love the cousins kissing! So sweet!

Michelle said...

Such precious beach photos! Hope Lola's ears are doing a-ok!!