Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

"Where's Waldo" was the costume choice of our first halloween. I wasn't going to dress Lola up for the occasion because I just couldn't see paying a lot for something she wouldn't even remember. BUT.... Friday before Halloween Ryan and I wanted to take her to Boo at the Zoo (which was a big disappointment) so I had to have a costume. I went to her closet and I found a red and white stripped shirt (with a Christmas tree on the front so I had to cover it with a name tag), found some sun glasses but they were orange so I made black rings to tape around the frames, and then I rigged a white hat to make it look like Waldo's. The outfit was VERY homemade and only cost $2.00. She was a hit everywhere we went. I introduce to you... Waldo!

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